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OmniCert notifies you when certifications are approaching expiration. This feature eliminates the need for additional spreadsheets and data entry, streamlining business operations.


Your company no longer has to spend hours tracking certifications or training attendance; OmniCert does it for you. Saving you time and money.


You can choose to share certification and training data with other companies that use OmniCert, making sure everyone is on the same page, and ensuring a transparent safety culture.


Safety personnel can scan employee QR codes to view their certifications or generate a certification report sorted by company, specific certification or expiration date.


Using our IOS or Android application, safety personnel can view employee date within a certain geographic radius. Allowing them to know without a doubt that everyone on the job site is compliant.


OmniCert's 99.9% uptime coupled with 256-bit encryption and the most reliable cloud server available ensures your Certifications aren't just available, but safe and secure as well.

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Physical forms and training attendance sheets are outdated in a world dominated by smartphones and tablets. The process of renewing certifications and tracking attendance at safety meetings is neither efficient nor productive. OmniCert introduces a simple solution to this tedious, time-consuming and difficult task by allowing you to keep your employees accountable and up to date with ease. The best news is that it will save your company hours of work, and in turn, huge administration costs. Let OmniCert work for you, so you can be more efficient. Because when productivity is at its apex, your business thrives.

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