How It Works

Companies sign up with OmniCert and create a company account. Employees create their own accounts and start uploading safety and technical certifications along with other vital information such as driver’s license, medical conditions, etc. Once that information is uploaded, companies use OmniCert’s database to track and manage certifications and training. Our database also allows for safety personnel to view employee certifications and training in two, dynamic ways. First, they will be able to scan the employee’s badge or hardhat with their smartphone, giving them access to their profile. Secondly, they can generate certification reports sorted by company, specific certification or expiration date. Not only is the upload process quick and simple, but tracking expiration and renewal dates is effortless. OmniCert notifies you when your employee’s certifications are nearing expiration or when you need to hold training. Export your company’s certification and training data to your personal computer for an upcoming audit with ease. And, 99.9% server uptime ensures you will always have access to the information you need.