Why You'll Love OmniCert


We focus on 4 key areas of your business
so you can focus on doing what you do best.


In an industry that relies heavily on maintaining compliance with rigorous safety standards, it’s imperative that companies can easily manage all of their technical and safety certifications and training. However, piles of paper stack up and get misplaced, letting certifications expire and training sessions get pushed back. If these safety standards are not met, not only does it make the workplace unsafe, but it could prevent you from getting the next job. By utilizing OmniCert, you reduce liability exposures and easily prepare for any audit that comes your way.


With our solution, all certification and training data is stored in a centralized database that is always accessible. No more gathering physical safety records for weeks to prepare for an audit or relying on your administration staff to perform countless hours of data entry. Everything you need will all be in one place and right at your fingertips. Plus, with our innovative notification system, you and your employees are notified immediately when certifications have expired or training needs to occur.


You know how a profitable business is run. Your success through the years speaks to that. Let OmniCert work with you to save your company time and money. We provide seamless and easily accessible data that, in the past, would have taken precious time to gather, record, and verify. Say goodbye to expired certifications and outdated safety records negating your employee’s ability to work. OmniCert solves these longstanding issues with our simple and easy to use mobile and web applications.


In a day and age where a company’s safety and certification compliance record is directly related to their ability to obtain and sustain jobs, OmniCert ensures your certifications and training stay up to date with no hassle. Our solution provides the means to maintain 100% compliance with technical and safety certification standards, letting you focus on maintaining a safe work environment, not just maintaining records. Your employees no longer have to be sidetracked by something other than their jobs. Omnicert is here to help.